Hello, I'm


also known as the pop artist Cata Martinez;
and known as the rock band* Electric Yakuza;
or the electrobeat band* Krieger RD;
and my chiptunes project Lucca;
and also my internet-wuving hyperpop Little Data;
or as the suprasensory surf band* Surfing Arcanis;
or as the neoromanticist worldly outfit* The 9;
and as the hip-hop DJ by the name of E. Stiles;
and vaguely as the hermetic death metal band* Nothingnæss Præsence;
or as the neoclassical newjazz avantgarde composer M Janet Mars;
leader of the new jazz outfit* MarsCat New Jazz Unit.

* - There are no bands; it's only me.

I'm a musician, film composer and producer.
I also own the independent record label Mesmerize Records
and the avantgarde music collection Savant Record Series.

I'm also a graphic designer for film, books and music; a font designer;
a professional pixel art portraits artist by commission;
and I've also done some work as a gamedev;
done some professional acting, and do experimental films for fun.

My hobbies include shitposting, speedrunning and archivism.
I'm very much into objectivism, hermeticism, cinema, collecting music,
Secret Chiefs 3, Laibach, Frank Zappa and Jun Togawa.

film + art + comedy + hyperculture!
Some people have made some badass MarsCat FanArts, dunno why!

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